Bitcoin comes to life in its attempt to spend the $ 11,000

Bitcoin’s price moves in an ascending parallel channel.

The technical indicators show short-term weaknesses.

Price is probably approaching the top of its corrective C wave.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) reached a local peak at $ 10,940 on 15 September. That said, it was then rejected by a significant fibonacci level , before declining slightly.

As of the layout of this article, Bitcoin Trader was once again looking to break through this resistance.

The rejection of Bitcoin

Since its local low on September 8, Bitcoin has exhibited a gradual rise. Its movement may be contained within an ascending parallel channel, in which price is currently very close to the resistance line.

Additionally, the September 15 high of $ 10,940 validated the resistance line of the channel as well as the 0.5 fibonacci level of the entire decline. This makes it a likely level of turnaround.

Technical indicators show weaknesses. There is a significant bearish divergence in the RSI, and the MACD has started to decline significantly. The latter could prepare to move into negative territory.

The daily chart also indicates that the uptrend has yet to be confirmed. Although the MACD is on the rise, the RSI may face resistance at the 50 line. Additionally, the Stochastic Oscillator has yet to form a bullish cross.

Unless the price manages to meet the following targets, this is likely a retracement rather than an uptrend.

The price exceeds the fibonacci level 0.618 to $ 11,200, this level having first served as support.

The Stochastic Oscillator generates a bullish cross.

The RSI exceeds 50

On September 2, BTC likely started an impulsive, bearish five wave formation (orange below) and is currently in wave 4. The two most plausible levels for the end of this wave are found at 10,937 $ (fibonacci level 0.5 and current peak) and $ 11,199 (fibonacci level 0.618 and old support).

This fourth wave appears within a complex corrective structure in wxy (in red).

Further observation of wave Y reveals ABC formation (in blue). Wave length supports a climb to a high of $ 11,200. This would give the C and A waves a ratio of 1: 1.61, which is common when making ABC corrections.

In addition, we can see that wave C is in its fifth and last sub-wave (in red). If the ascending support line that connects the troughs of subwaves 2 and 4 is broken, this would confirm that the upward correction is over.

In conclusion, the price of BTC appears to be approaching the end of its correction, which should end around $ 10,930 or $ 11,200.

Crypto Exchange biedt werknemers uit Wit-Rusland Vilnius Escape Route aan.

Crypto-bedrijven zullen Wit-Rusland misschien verlaten nu de politieke onrust in de oostelijke buur van de EU, die door „de laatste dictator in Europa“ Alexander Loekasjenko is overgenomen, zich verdiept.

Per, het in Minsk gevestigde, dat beweert ’s werelds eerste gereglementeerde effectenbeurs te zijn, wordt een kantoor geopend in Vilnius, de hoofdstad van Litouwen, voor werknemers die „een sabbatical willen nemen“ van het Wit-Russische hoofdkantoor van de firma.

De media meldden dat Jonathan Squires, de onlangs benoemde Britse CEO van, een brief schreef aan de werknemers van het bedrijf. In de brief verklaarde de CEO dat zijn bedrijf zijn kantoor in Minsk zou behouden en beweerde hij dat het kantoor in Vilnius in eerste instantie klein zou zijn.

Hij voegde daar echter aan toe,

„We verwachten dat in de nabije toekomst de meeste werknemers die willen verhuizen, in staat zullen zijn om dat te doen.“

Squires voegde eraan toe dat Vilnius, gelegen op minder dan 200 km van Minsk, een „natuurlijke“ locatie was voor een tweede kantoor in de regio.

Squires bleek ook de huidige situatie in Wit-Rusland gelijk te stellen aan die van het Verenigd Koninkrijk en het Brexit-proces. Hij beweerde dat hij het Verenigd Koninkrijk verliet nadat het land voor het verlaten van de EU had gestemd.

Hij voegde eraan toe,

„De veranderingen in Wit-Rusland zijn ambitieuzer en zullen niet in de nabije toekomst worden voltooid. Het kan jaren duren voordat de dingen weer normaal zijn.“

Hij voegde eraan toe dat degenen die wilden deelnemen aan protesten of zich onthouden van betrokkenheid, vrij waren om dat te doen, maar drong er bij de werknemers op aan om geen of kledingstukken in het openbaar te dragen.

Vorige maand meldde ook dat een aantal werknemers van de Russische internetgigant Yandex uit Minsk naar Rusland waren overgeplaatst na een politie-inval op de Wit-Russische kantoren van de firma.

Er vinden nu al ongeveer een maand lang massademonstraties plaats in Wit-Rusland, waarbij mensen protesteren tegen politiegeweld, martelingen en moorden, en om de resultaten van de presidentsverkiezingen te verwerpen. Loekasjenko, die sinds 1994 aan de macht is, ontkent dat er sprake is van verkiezingsfraude en heeft oproepen tot nieuwe verkiezingen afgewezen.

What do whales do with Ripple and Bitcoin?

Recently, Bitcoin and Ripple whales have kept a low profile, with some important exceptions in the last few hours. As a result, the payment company Ripple transferred a large amount of XRP from one wallet as collateral to three separate wallets on their property.

Are Crypto Whales betting on DeFi?

Ripple on the move
Yesterday Whale Alert reported the movement of 1,000,000,000 XRP worth US$ 292.8 million in three transactions. Each transaction was closed in seconds and the combined cost of the charges involved amounted to less than one cent.

Although the transfers release funds for the company to sell for cash this month, Ripple is expected to unload only a small percentage of the one billion XRPs unlocked, as it has done in previous quarters. More than individual whales, these are Ripple’s own transactions.

Ripple also sent 133,152,655 XRPs worth $38.8 million to the company’s former CTO, Jed McCaleb. The multi-million dollar transaction is part of an updated settlement agreement that Ripple and McCaleb reached in 2016.

Under the terms of the agreement, the former Ripple executive may collectively sell up to 1% of the average daily volume of XRP.

Ethereum mining generates $800,000 per hour

In the case of Bitcoin, whales are more active than with Ripple
Yesterday, BTC whales mobilized a total of US$ 279.9 million in Bitcoin. Most of the crypto currencies were sent from wallets of unknown origin to exchanges, where they could potentially be exchanged or sold for cash.

At the time of writing, BTC changes hands to a value of US$ 10,731.77 according to CoinDesk. This represents a decrease of 5.60% from the last value published 24 hours ago.

Therefore, it can be said that the whales that carried out these operations sought to take advantage of the possible profits and benefits while the cryptomone currency remained above US$ 11,000. This would be the second day in a row that Bitcoin falls, but this might not affect the whales that are betting on selling in the long run.