Paris: A Hub for Blockchain Talents and Development

• France is one of the top countries attracting blockchain talent and French tech startups set a new record with 13.5 billion euros raised last year.
• According to a survey, France is one of the world’s top three countries in demand for blockchain talent.
• Companies such as and Binance have deepened their relationship with France, calling Paris the financial hub of cryptocurrency in Europe.

France is a Top Country Attracting Blockchain Talent

France has become one of the top countries attracting blockchain talent due to its rapidly growing and developing ecosystem and active stimulus by the government. Last year, French tech startups set a record high with 13.5 billion euros raised in total, which was an overall increase of 17%. Additionally, according to a survey on organisational and talent development in the global blockchain industry conducted by LinkedIn and OKX, France is one of the world’s top three countries in demand for blockchain talent.

Crypto Companies Expanding to France

Crypto companies have noted this trend and responded accordingly – announced their expansion to France last year while Binance has deepened its relationship with the country by referring to Paris as the financial hub of cryptocurrency in Europe. Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) discussed crypto promotion, education, Web3, and blockchain development during an event last year with French Minister for Digital Transition Jean-Noël Barrot. As part of its plans for Paris as its European hub, Binance also intends to hire hundreds from the local talent pool in France and collaborate on Web3 and blockchain development initiatives together.

French Government’s Support for Blockchain & Digital Currencies

The French government has openly expressed support for both digital currencies as well as blockchain technology through various policies that were enacted recently such as relaxing tax regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies or aiding business owners who adopt decentralized technologies into their operations. The government also launched several initiatives aimed at supporting digital currencies such as allowing fintech firms to receive deposits from customers up to €100 million without requiring authorization from banking regulators or launching an accelerator program dedicated solely to helping companies interested in exploring how digital assets can be used within their businesses more effectively..

Paris Blockchain Week Summit

In 2020 Paris hosted its first ever Blockchain Week Summit which saw significant participation from both local experts on decentralized technologies along with international representatives from some of leading crypto companies today like Ethereum Foundation’s Vitalik Buterin or Ripple Labs’ Chris Larsen among many others discussing topics ranging from regulation frameworks concerning virtual currencies all way up to exploring potential applications emerging out these new types distributed networks that are being developed right now across wide array areas..


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